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Brexit Update

Science Friction Ltd. and the Roy Harper Shop is based in the EU, Southwest Cork in Ireland. Just to clarify, in case it causes confusion, our shop default currency is GBP since most of our orders originate in the UK.

Our UK customers will not notice much of a change from previous orders.

From the 1st of January all orders being shipped to the UK will be subject to UK VAT rather than Irish VAT. Any order with a subtotal up to £135.00 will have the VAT applied at this end as per usual, except at the UK rate, with some extra customs info completed this end. There will be virtually no change noted by our UK customers other than new customs declarations form CN23 postage labels. Orders with a subtotal greater than £135.00 will be subject to VAT and duties payable in the UK and will require payment, by the customer, in advance of delivery. A subtotal of this amount in our shop would be a very rare occurrence so is unlikely to affect anyone.