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Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (CD) Zoom

Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (CD)

Original Release 1967.

Roy Harper's second album. Produced by Shel Talmy.

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Science Friction

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In the past I have tended to berate this record because I have felt that it was made too quickly on a tight budget, but I have now got to like it from a distance. There was some rumour put around a little while ago that I wasn't very pleased with what Shel Talmy (the producer) had done with it. This is certainly not what I would have wanted Shel to believe.

At face value he did a good job with material that is not that easy, and I now look back on the sessions with a certain affection. Besides, making enemies out of friends should be left to the music media, where it belongs.

There are enough relevant statements on board for me to really love it in another twenty years.

Tracks / Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Science Friction
Track Listing 01. Freak Street (3:03)
02. You Don't Need Money (2:27)
03. Ageing Raver (4:08)
04. In A Beautiful Rambling Mess (2:49)
05. All You Need Is (5:46)
06. What You Have (5:12)
07. Circle (10:38)
08. Highgate Cemetary (2:19)
09. Come Out Fight Ghengis Smith (8:56)


Impressive must listen to albumReview by empty soul
I sometimes wonder what the use of any subjective critique, as it's often best to judge for yourself.

That being said, I like this record, probably because it was my first introduction to Roy Harper as a kid, as my Uncle had a vinyl copy. Although at only about 8 years old at the time I was, it has to be said, initially mainly impressed by the first time I had heard "bloody" said on a record, but I was hooked.

I haven't really followed Roy's music avidly but am familiar with some of it, and perhaps this record stands out one way or another depending on your taste.

However one I think objective disappointment of this cd version for me would be the sound quality, which imo doesn't seem to be any improvement (I was hoping for) over the original 60's vinyl version, which wasn't the best(soundwise) to start off with. I suspect this cd wasn't produced from the best master tapes, or they have degraded over the years, whatever it could have been better sonically. Perhaps Roy could enlighten us.

That said I still think this is one of the most interesting records I have ever heard, with some pretty heavy words, "man."


Did I use "I" meaning self 9 or 10 times there, I've lost count, lol!
(Posted on 22/06/2010)
beautifulReview by savage
one of my faves. got record many many years ago spent a long hot summer playing it to death. still play sometimes still love it. (Posted on 28/04/2010)

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