We’ve just had two days of the bees. A frightening, weird and funny couple of days. The bee nest has been in the wall for about seven years. They moved into an old slit of a window that was obviously made in the wall after some of the windows were bricked in. After probable protest, and after alternative tax methods were discovered and the windows were re-opened once more, these slits had been filled in again, on the inside.

The legacy has just come home to roost. Or perhaps more exactly, to reest. In the past there would have been an owl or two sat in there, or a flycatcher on a Summer day. But seven years ago the bees set up home. They were above head height, and they never bothered me. I just used to acknowledge them as part of what went on outside the house. There are quite a lot of animals living on or around the wall. You wouldn’t have to walk more than a few feet of a morning in order to witness fitness surviving.

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More On Guitars

It’s 1:50am the following night and there may be a bit more to say. I apologize to everyone who is bored by technical guitar stuff. Not exactly what you wanted to read on a balmy Summer evening with the sun close to the horizon and a couple of glasses of St. Julien down the swannee. Never the-less….

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