No One Is Unarmed


I have been disturbed by a couple of mails I have received in the last few days. First off, I would just like to say that the attack on New York was easily the most shocking act of barbaric cruelty we have seen for many years. It is also obvious that it is going to be far reaching in it’s effects.

I also have to say that the American people are very largely innocent and as such did not deserve to be dealt such a terrible blow. I have to agree as well that Mayor Guiliani has been a pillar of strength for everyone in the city and for that matter, in the world. He has been everything you would want in a public official. He has been calm, informative, caring, thoughtful, articulate, and a pure gentleman. And our hearts have gone out to all the brave people we have seen toiling in such adverse conditions and emotional nightmares.

It has been inspiring for me to see, yet again, that when the chips are down, people will put their lives in serious danger in order to be in a position to rescue other people of whom they know nothing. This is a snapshot of the human being at it’s very best. The pure altruist.

Outside of that, there are a few other observations which all of us should be making. If we want to have any chance of stopping this kind of thing again, then there are certain things which we must encourage each other to be doing. We must ask SERIOUS questions of each other before we declare war on ANYONE… We all have a very good picture now of the nature of the people involved in committing this atrocity, but it is almost for certain that they don’t belong to anywhere we could indiscriminately bomb. Tomorrow.

Afghanistan is a place I dreamed of going to 20 years ago, precisely because it was a culture and an experience so completely removed from my own that it would have been like visiting a different planet. Right now it’s become a different galaxy. But hopefully not for the rest of my life.

I wrote ‘the black cloud of islam’ when it became obvious to me that islam had evolved into the same instrument of modern mass murder which christianity has been for so long. And in the name of virtually the same tin pot god. I would like to be far more profane at this point than I am being here and now but I feel the need to preserve as much dignity as I can in the present circumstance.

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