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Comment: I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t purchase anything from someone that hates his own race. Pathetic.

I felt that I should reply to the uninformed taunt that this represents, so I wrote the following:-

‘I Hate The White Man’ was written in response to the many injustices that the peoples/tribes of Europe had inflicted on greater Humanity in the modern age. Roughly over the period since the more precise mapping of the planet at the beginning of the age of discovery; which brought us into contact with peoples we considered, wrongly, to be inferior. Perhaps the crucible for this was the bloodbath of 14th Century Europe, second only to the 20th Century in terms of carnage, but that strays into opinion and theory.

Other races were successively subjected to racism, slavery, apartheid, torture and genocide by the elite classes of Europeans. Mass genocide in Africa, North America and Europe ensued, including the virtual extinction of a viable alternative way of life in North America.

Whether you believe this, or give recorded history the credit it deserves, or not, depends largely on the way you have been educated.

I was simply reminding the new generation about their responsibilities to history and to human culture at the time. It is now obvious that reminders of the dangers of allowing brutal social mechanisms to repeat savage histories will be necessary for every new generation of every race. Unfortunately, though our social mechanisms, eg., The United Nations, are very well intentioned, we have continued to set a very poor example to the rest of the world, eg., The Iraq War. So much so that we have now passed many of our bad habits on to the rest of humanity… and they have reciprocated in kind, eg., Al Qaeda, Robert Mugabe etc, etc.

I could never hate my own race without hating myself, and I don’t. The words to the song are a sentiment.. and intended as a shock tactic and wake-up call. In 1968, when it was written, the white man was the world bully. Perhaps we hadn’t yet entered into the general cynicism that has mainly pervaded since, but many of us could see and feel it coming. People like me, and there were many of us, were trying to hold it back. In the end, a forlorn task. We were trying to base our lives on different ethics. Many of us have refused to renege on these ideals. They are ideals that don’t involve rip-off, economizing with the facts, sharp practice, injustice, depravation, prejudice, humiliation or murder.

Whether you choose to live with that kind of a general ethic or not will largely depend on the way you have educated yourself, or been educated.


Some famous quotes..

“They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they kept only one; they promised to take our land, and they did.” Chief Red Cloud

“We know that the white man does not understand our ways. One portion of land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The earth is not his brother, but his enemy, and when he has conquered it, he moves on.” Chief Seattle

“I’ve asked myself again and again whether it wouldn’t have been better if we hadn’t gone into hiding, if we were dead now and didn’t have to go through this misery, especially so that the others could be spared the burden. But we all shrink from this thought. We still love life, we haven’t yet forgotten the voice of nature, and we keep hoping, hoping for . . . everything.” Anne Frank (Hiding from the Gestapo, May 26, 1944)

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  1. Great to read your thoughts and writings Roy! Also enjoyed the American Indian quotes… being from that ‘Side-of-the-Pond’, I can easily relate in ‘Hating the White Man’…

    Hope you are well, peace Roy.


  2. I’m not really shocked by anything anymore. We read news that we are coerced into reading, watch films that portray the point of view of the mass media companies and digest a diet of food that we are told is good for us, by the company that manufactures it: why are we surprised? If I have learnt anything so far in my life, it is that people will do anything good or bad for money. Be it the housewife at a sale snatching a designer handbag from another, a property developer firing a hotel to gain planning permission to build another on the site, or a bad guy charging an immigrant $10k for a promise of a better life in a greener land. Its all sad. What happened to the native Indians is a tragedy, but they are still better people despite their hardship at the hands of the ‘Americans’.The good guys still exist, and if you can’t find the life you want where you are, go find a better place. Roy, you may have been exiled from Britain, however, in retrospect, its no great loss these days.The old Britain is long gone and we are left with a fractional society on the brink of collapse, with a government led by corruption and clueless idealism and policies that will lead to wholesale slaughter in years to come. The only opposition is a contrite embellishment of comfortable middle class appeal with little or no idea or experience of managing a country with problems of such a scale.
    Whilst Eire is not problem free, the people are good guys with soul and a cerebral channel tuned to living life, whereas the majority of Brits have long since detuned and live in a world of white noise……..

  3. Well said Roy. It occured to me, first of all, that the original post might not merit a reply but then again, why not spread enlightenment? What harm can it do?

  4. At the time the song was written this would have been becoming clear to many people; The comments below the article show how colonialism is thriving –

    So where is the opposition? Inactive, exiled, marginalised, murdered;

    Healy was also active in the Bildergerg Group – a keen advocate of one world government. His interview to the effect that he really wanted ‘world peace’ is on youtube.

  5. there is no doubt in my mind that the ‘white man’ for want of a better term, is on the wrong road, and has been for many, many centuries. William Blake flagged this up 300 years ago, what i am saying is nothing new. but our problem is in a sense new, because we need to turn the runaway train of Eurocentric insanity round while there is still time, and there is still time, while any of us has a gasp of polluted breath left in our steadily deflating lungs. Make no mistake, when the white ‘manifest destiny’ runs out of ‘others’ to reduce and exploit to a state of utter misery, it begins wrenching itself apart, like some mad machine gone berserk, that is what we are witnessing now, we will probably soon be subject to a police state where Eurocentrics persecute each other while the rich and powerful continue to asset strip the land and the social heritage of the majority. But the common people have always been ripped off: this is not essentially a race issue, it is an issue of gross social inequality: look at the London poor in Thatcher’s imagined ‘golden era’ of Victorian times – opium dens in London, opium cheaper than food for the starving working classes: there never has been a golden era – just well educated politicians to con us into believeing in it. Many wise Native Americans instantly recognised the folly of Western Civilisation, it was plain to them that an entity which exists only to plunder and exploit will sooner or later plunder and exploit itself, and that is what is happening now. All peoples need to stand together in order to oppose unregulated Capitalism which will devour the world and its finite resources whilst pathetically fantasizing about colonising (sound familiar?) distant planets when this one is rendered incapable of supporting life. Forget it chaps, all you are doing is signing humanity’s death warrant and ultimately littering space with with highly expensive, super technological junk.

  6. I think though there is truth in it that it is more specific than a broad philisophical sweep of the ‘crazy white man’ – although that is true it is not a genetic thing – we know when fascism is on the rise because it is informed by specific ideologies. Their psychology is expressed through specific abusive rituals and practices. These pre-date Christianity and this is more than a Eurocentric practice since it was applied in China, Japan, by the Aztecs and going way back into history and in different cultures – but they all share similar characteristics. (Europeans could further such abuses on a greater scale because they rapidly industrialised and colonised their wealth and ‘power’ via piracy and found Christianity – (or its perversion)- a useful tool to fool people.)

    When Britain first fell to the massacres of the Angles and Saxons for instance the leaders of the ‘native’ tribes – initially attempted to bring back ‘old religions’ and child sacrifice – but they were defeated by the people who then rallied to fight and defeat the English. The people had more sense. Their leader was an orphan. Jesus had a good new idea – ie; love and kindness – or perhaps it wasnt new, but he managed to further the realisation in peoples minds so they werent going to revert back to old practices. The fact that he wasnt alone in these ideas is evidenced by genuine followers. New Organised religion perverted this idea – what Rome couldnt control it could (attempt to) own and old practices wove their way in. In Britain at the time I refer to – i.e. the Saxon invasion – the power of Rome fell completely – as did old religion.

    Rumsfeld, Bush and co. were attendees at the Bohemian Grove:

    this very wierd (so-called) ‘frat’ party was filmed and is on youtube here:

    UN complicity in genocide has been written about here;

    The Bilderberg Group more than informs Government policy nationally and with the EU and the US. To suggest that this is a result of incompetence or ‘bullheadedness’ or a -failed- general way of thinking/philosophy is not tenable. Certainly a doctrine of abuse applies – but this is deliberate. The poorly educated can, and indeed are, dragooned into the army to do the dirty work but the elite are not unknowing – nor is it just a matter of greed but of their attempt to weild absolute power.

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