Politics For Beginners Part 2

As an amendment to yesterdays blog, ‘Politics for beginners’, I’d just like to add that I think that this is only the second election in my lifetime that has a chance of achieving some electoral reform. The other one was possibly the election of 1987.

Electoral reform is important, because it progresses everyone’s ability to have a voice in Parliament. If we have Proportional Representation, then all the smaller parties have the chance to have some representation in parliament and government. This means that The Green Party will potentially have more representation. The fact that it also means that the BNP will potentially have more representation can be mollified by the actions of the parliament we put in place.

Equality is the master of prejudice. We are who we are, we are what we are and we are where we are. Wholesale movement of people on the scale of the 90s and naughties is very unlikely to happen again before the deluge, so that the social unrest created by immigrant populations is going to abate considerably as the children of those immigrants become British in the widest sense, thus diminishing the message and effectiveness of organisations like the BNP.

None the less, make no mistake, this election represents the best chance we have for electoral reform in my lifetime. And I’m just about a thousand years old now. I feel that it’s important to have the power residing in the maximum amount of people voting. Electoral reform will give us that. A vote for the Liberal Party will help to achieve this, because they are the ONLY party who have advocated it in their manifesto. They are the only party to want to move on it after the election. They need the power to do that. Voting tactically is probably going to achieve a political step forward in your lifetime. It maybe the only one you get.

You can vote against adopting the Euro, and jump other such hurdles as they arrive.

3 thoughts on “Politics For Beginners Part 2

  1. I totally agree. Get the Libs in, get the desired change to the voting system, and then switch if you want to to your preferred allegiance for the next and fairer election. The dawn of a new era in british politics, and the possibility of leaving behind forever the politics of those who are reared to believe that they are the only rightful heirs to the political throne in the UK and all that comes with it, such as the Etonian crew.

    I remember very well Thatcher The Milk Snatcher’s speech about why there was open rioting on the streets: “Mr President, the whole country is rightly concerned about security at home, about violence in the streets. We utterly condemn anyone and everyone who takes part in riots in Britain. Whoever these people are who riot, burn and murder; whoever they are organised by, there is no excuse, no justification whatsoever, for such crime and vandalism. [applause]”

    Our streets could soon be like those in Greece if apathy allows the status quo to continue, politicians and bankers in each others’ pockets and bonus agreements, laughing down at the masses from their duck pond moated castles. That’s where they want to be in two days’ time, not meeting people on the streets.

  2. Oh Roy, “…mollified by the Parliament…” shades of Joe Stalin I fear. The first people they will mollify is the likes of us. (And yes, I do know the dictionary def of the verb). And as for a lack of polarity, tell it to the Greeks just now – and they invented democracy when we were dancing round a new Stonehenge chippingawat at bits of flint.

    Incidentally, who is having to get a grip on public servant demonstrators (stool pigeons) in Greece? Ok the police & army; who are they – err public servants. So how long is that going to stay consensual centrist? Free speech, one each.


    cameron in bed with clegg?
    or perhaps he’ll go for brown
    and ride
    or let the bitch decide
    paddy pantsdown in his
    old uniform
    is selling tickets

    jesus never mind
    you’ll still have to
    pay at the door
    tick the box
    sign the form
    pay yer tax
    take the oath of allegiance to the
    little madam
    before you enter her house

    some of them couldnt even get in the queue
    was so long!
    an army of fine people
    came out for the crooks
    alls well
    its still
    the same old
    shithole of a whorehouse
    thank God!

    and heres one for all you sad voters


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