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The Stormcock Community - Harper appreciation website run by Paul Davison

The Roy Harper Podcast - In 2007 Paul bought a new Macintosh laptop and, one evening while enjoying some beers with some old workmates, it was suggested that he might like to try making a podcast with this new-fangled device. This led to the Roy Harper podcast. It could easily have been just a one-off, but there was a huge amount of encouragement from the listeners to make some more. Paul's initial expectation of 25-50 listeners was blown away. The podcast continues, and Paul now makes it still on that same laptop but now using "Logic Express" with the final mastering done in Adobe Audition. The high point of the podcast so far was in the Summer of 2008 when he was invited to spend some time with Roy Harper at his home in Ireland, and recorded an epic interview with the man himself which was brought out over 3 podcasts.

Roy Harper HQ - This site has been maintained by Aaro Koskinen since 1994. "This is an 'unofficial' site containing information about the English singer, songwriter, poet and storyteller Roy Harper".