Time!.. Ladies and Gentlemen, Please!!

How many warnings do people need?

For weeks now we have watched carnage. And no one seems to be that bothered! At the end of January, a disease sprang out of China. The reasons for that might get a mention later on, but the fact of the matter is that right from the get go, it seemed pretty virulent to me. Enough for me to be put on alert.

By the beginning of February I was looking for protections that we might need. I thought that we’d need masks, protective gear and food. I already had about ten tins of mackerel and sardines, and we usually have some food stocked in. After weighing things up for a few days, orders were made and a few masks arrived on the 9th February 2020. I’d figured that one of us might have to go out once a week to replenish supplies. Another thing that I’d thought was that everybody knew what was coming.

Wrong. I’ve started a blog three times, but abandoned them, because I’d thought that they sounded a bit too authoritarian in their own mild way, but there is now no point in holding back.

I saw two young men on tv on Friday 20/3/20, who were obviously having great fun with the interviewer indicating to her how clever they were, grabbing this last night of the pubs being open to actually get out there and have one last bender. And breathing heavily into the microphone! In fact, they were six feet tall ten year olds. Actually, I do ten year olds a disservice, they were being stupid, and they were going to stay that way.

So what were they doing? As they galloped off into the pub in the blurred background. Basically, they were helping to destroy their own health service. They were mixing closely with at least fifty other people and exchanging various winter bugs and a few other social bits and pieces. As one of the most virulent viruses humanity has ever known was busy spreading in their midst. It would be an absolute miracle if that virus was not passed on to anyone in that pub that night. A miracle. And I have as much belief in miracles as I have as winning all of the lotteries on earth next Saturday.

With thousands of pubs open that night in London, all doing the same thing, there would have been a delayed spike being caused in the admissions to hospital beds… later on in the month, into the next month and beyond.

As all those people dispersed that night, how many of them spoke to an adult in a confined space in the following week? How many of them saw their Mothers on Mother’s Day? So there are already thousands of carriers. Now there are thousands more. How many of those new carriers saw older people during the next week? NO.. OF COURSE NOT! we’re not there yet! But we will be. THIS WEEK!

So how much more will the NHS be tested next week? And how many will die? ‘I’m not really that concerned.. well.. I am, but’…., I hear you think!? Because you’re young, and immortal, and it’s not really going to touch you. Nooooo, you don’t really think like that; do you? Of course not.. You couldn’t be a killer, could you? You could never really do anything like that.

WAKE UP! you’re killing people. You’re forcing deaths to occur in your own HSE///NHS. Some of the older medics, doctors and nurses won’t survive this, because you wanted to go to the pub. Your civilisation will be more fragile, because you wanted to go to the pub.

Some of you have wanted this to happen for years, because the system is seemingly so corrupt in a lot of places. I’ve been one of you. Like me, some of you want to change the world completely, but I don’t want to be complicit in killing people; actively or passively.

You are at present weakening your society by not doing your best to curtail the spread of this disease. Yes, we might build up immunity to it in time, but what about NOW? The Government has been far too liberal about this. Boris is a decent, liberal kind of man, but he needs to stamp more authority onto this immediately. His instinct is for laissez faire government, which is all very well in ‘peacetime’, but if he wants to relate this to being at war, as he does, then he can’t carry on not quite getting to absolute lockdown when he knows that it’s going to end up there in any case.

Perhaps the government think that it’ll be kinder to go for lockdown incrementally, but that’s just wasting time, and lives. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS NOW! The whole of Europe must now be focused on complete lockdown for everything except essential services. Everything has to be better organised. The tenets of socialism must be temporarily embraced, immediately. We know how it works. we have it in places.  Draconian ‘socialism’ at its most extreme must be utilised for the next few months. Everyone MUST betaken care of, regardless of cost. Price can never be put on life. 

Social distancing must be enforced. The longer this is delayed, the longer it will go on for. If you want to continue to live in virtual prison, then continue to mix ‘freely’. Continue to drink together in secret places. It is absolutely useless trying to deal with a merciless giant killer in dribs and drabs. 

As an easy analogy: we can imagine that if the whole of Britain had had enough foresight, the tribes would have come together 2000 years ago to defend Britain against the Roman invasion, but they didn’t think big enough, because they couldn’t. They had no prior knowledge. No actual experience. They never realised how big the threat was. They couldn’t. It was impossible for them to have had such foresight. The same with the North American tribes.

It’s now 2,000 years later. We now have the experience. This current threat is huge, and it’s ongoing. Today, Tracy is making us masks. She’s sewing some of it by hand, because she can’t use her ancient sewing machine to do some of it. 

Remember, hindsight is a fine thing. We must get there NOW. Or start to beckon drastic societal change. Some of us might want this, but we are NOTHING LIKE PREPARED FOR IT. And I’d like to help to preserve as many of my friends and associates as I can.

So by continuing to gather in crowds, you might be getting one step closer to beckoning a chaos you don’t survive. BURN THE WORLD!! (1982)

It’ll be better off.. in the long run..

What world?

Last Orders! Ladies and Gentlemen Please!

Euphemisms abound…