Dithering Progress

Once Putin starts to threaten with his nuclear capacity, it’s time for the Russian in the street to make her voice heard.

But for the dithering being shown by the excruciatingly slow UN/NATO/Free World, Ukraine would be a NATO member, and this wouldn’t be happening. Putin has obviously lost his marbles and is slipping World War 3 onto the table.

‘The West’ cannot fall into the trap of negotiating anything with him. The days of enabling Putin to stand up at the UN and use warped excuses to defend poisonous tyranny are over. 

He’s a violent criminal who should be made to face war crimes. 

NATO could have done much better than this. Churchill was right to push for the allies to continue to move east in 1945. The murderous Stalin and the ‘Cold War’ would have been avoided. Poland and the rest of The Warsaw Pact countries would have had 70 years of stability.

Putin is poison. He has proved that in Georgia, in the Crimea, Salisbury and now in Ukraine. There are many victims over the years. Surely, he’s made his final gross miscalculation. His own younger population are crying out for something other than the old defunct Empire. He has to be put away.