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  1. Gavin Moore - Tonnta (CD)

  2. From Occident to Orient (CD)

    From Occident to Orient (CD)

    Licensed tracks released by Vinyl Japan at the time of Roy's visit to Tokyo. Learn More

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  3. The Death Of God (CD Single)

    The Death Of God (CD Single)

    Five separate stories rolled into one. The emigrant, the soldier, the bomber, the leader, and 'God!' Dark satire.. all of it. Learn More

  4. Today Is Yesterday (CD)

    Today Is Yesterday (CD)

    Released 2002. 'Today Is Yesterday' is a collection of some of my earliest songs. The first nine songs all date from 1964/5. From a time when I was trying things out as a songwriter. Previously I'd only been interested in writing poetry. Learn More

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  5. East Of The Sun (CD)

    East Of The Sun (CD)

    Released 1995. Love songs are a great part of the emotional journal. Arrivals into consciousness of some past moment is a continuous experience. Sometimes the distance from reality to dream is too close and I read through a lyric in my mind to relive a time, a circumstance, a terror, a passion, a desire. A face, turned to the side, long flowing hair underneath a beret. A fleeting recollection of an attitude, a hope, a care... a secret longing.. Learn More

  6. Royal Festival Hall Live 2001 (2CD)

    Royal Festival Hall Live 2001 (2CD)

    Released 2001. Roy's 60th birthday bash at the Royal Festival Hall. Special Guest Appearances: David Bedford & The Bedford Strings, Troy Donockley, Andy Roberts, Nick Harper, Jeff Martin, John Renbourn, Ric Sanders. Learn More

  7. The Dream Society (CD)

    The Dream Society (CD)

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    Released 1998. The Dream Society was written after a long self-imposed retreat from gigging, writing and recording. The record was made in Ireland where I now live. It was a good time for me. A complete renewal of spirit. Learn More

  8. The Green Man (Download)

    The Green Man (Download)

    I had an idea to keep this record purely acoustic. I succeeded in the main. The only non-acoustic instrument is Johnny Fitz's Fender Rhodes sound on 'The Monster'.

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    Learn More

  9. Poems, Speeches, Thoughts and Doodles (Download)

  10. The BBC Tapes - 6 Vol Set

    The BBC Tapes - 6 Vol Set

    Packaging redesign by Harry Pearce at Pentagram

    Please follow the links below to purchace individual volumes as well as to find more information and track listings for each.

    The BBC Tapes - Vol. I
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. II
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. III
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. IV
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. V
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. VI

    *Please Note: Whilst every care has been taken in the reproduction of these recordings not all were taken from original BBC archive reels, therefore track quality varies. A Cedar de-noise system was used to cut down transmission noise during tape transferral on both the original and private source reels.

    Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 84 total

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