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"A very special singer-songwriter" - Uncut

"The 23 tracks here radiate a quiet but mesmerizing power" - Classic Rock

"A master at work" - Daily Mirror

"Nothing here is anything less than sublime" - The Wire

"A perfect introduction to a great man" - The Sun

"Forget the Dylan at 70 celebrations that will be all over the media this year, there's another unique septuagenarian voice equally deserving of your attention." -

"This compilation is a powerful restatement of Harper's core talents, even though it only hints at his considerable versatility and his vaunting ambition. His songs are more than worthy of rediscovery - and it is wonderful that this compilation and the ensuing reissue program may bring him to an entirely new audience within his own lifetime." - Music OMH

"Harper's tunes burn with an intensity that even the airiest of melodies can't cool, fanned by a lifelong allergy to authority and an intractable belief in everybody's basic right to do whatever they like." - Word

"A survivor from the golden age of folk rock troubadours, Roy Harper has bequeathed a 45-year trail of modern anthems that exemplify the Singer's historic role in society, as both a finger-pointing revelator of injustice and the harbinger of earthly paradise" - The Wire

"Harper is veering worryingly close to becoming a beloved British institution" - The Guardian

"Songs of Love and Loss, a 2CD set that displays the unerring quality and startling originality of his writing." - The Guardian

"A national treasure" - Uncut

"At his best he conjured up a unique vision of England, rather like a more muscular and clear-eyed Nick Drake…an excellent introduction to the man" - Maverick

"More punk than punk, a true maverick. English genius" - Classic Rock

"If it hadn"t been for Roy Harper's baroque, mellifluous, melancholy folk, I quickly appreciate, Led Zeppelin could never have come up with 'Stairway to Heaven'; nor would Nick Drake have sounded the way he did; nor, perhaps, would there have been Joanna Newsom and Fleet Foxes." - Spectator

"Why did I leave it so long before discovering this neglected genius?" - The Spectator

"The man's a hero a national treasure, and for those who haven't yet discovered him, a mighty treat awaits." - The Spectator

"Folk stylist, protest singer, poet, rocker, repel prophet… There hasn't been anyone else quite like Roy Harper" "uncompromisingly talented" - The Hard Stuff- Buyers Guide

"The performance felt like a bright burning of never more vital talent, full of pure, deep emotions and devastating performances of musical brilliance." - Telegraph

"Few musicians reach 'icon' status in their genre, fewer still truly deserve the accolade, one who does is Roy Harper" - Folkwords

"This Compilation boasts achingly beautiful 'Another Day', bittersweet 'Cherishing the Lonesome' and the incredible 'Hallucinating Light' among its many treasures: A perfect introduction to a great man." - The Sun

"'Songs of Love and Loss' is a double CD that seeks to dispel the myth that Harper was a one-trick pony - it succeeds." - Paul Pledger

"Salvo's top-notch double-disc package of his finest two-dozen mesmerizing anthems, knocks spots off today's dull pretenders, whilst inspiring aspiring crooners, old and new, to put plectrum to string with satisfying results. Essential." - Paul Pledger

"Few survivors from the golden age of British folk-rock have kept their reputations intact." - Gigulate

"Of the generation of troubadours who came of age in the folk clubs of London in the mid-1960s, there is one figure whose body of work…..has come to stand for a particularly single-minded form of integrity. That man is Roy Harper." - Gigulate

"A pivotal if occasionally unsung figure in the British folk movement of the Sixties and Seventies." - AU Reviews_ Albums

"What's so impressive is that whilst the end sound and the techniques Harper employs…may vary, the quality of the compositions is uniformly exquisite." - AU Reviews_ Albums

"His sense of unbridled passion is undiminished." - BBC Review

"Yet his uncompromising rough-with-the-smooth delivery has been a recurring trait that's always made his writing a turbulent force to be reckoned with." - BBC Review

"Harper's admittedly erratic genius, criminally overlooked for too long, is finally getting the recognition it so richly deserves." - BBC Review

"The great man celebrates his seventieth birthday this year -and these 23 tracks stand as a monument to just part of his undisputable genius." - 17 Seconds

"It's been a damned good innings and he's still not out" - MUSICMUSO Steve Muscutt

"'Songs of Love and Loss' Volumes 1 & 2 is a 2CD set of 23 songs of raw, uncompromising honesty and emotion spanning folk legend Roy Harper's work from 1966 to 1992." - My Dad Rocks

"I'll See You Again remains one of the most searing and unsentimentally honest accounts of two people wanting different things that you're ever likely to hear." - Street

"Harper is a true innovator who consistently works in his own way and constantly roams his own unique road through folk music." - Folkwords

"Of the countless British singer-songwriters who cut their teeth on the London Folk circuit in the mid 60"s, Harper's astonishingly powerful and eclectic body of work has stood the test of time…" - Record Collector

"In times of musical gloom, he was the light that filled the darkest room." - Uncut

"His confrontational long-form epics….came from a place of permanent turmoil and extreme emotion, and were therefore theater, uncompromising and grand." - Uncut

"A 45-year trail of modern anthems that exemplify the Singer's historic role in society, as both a finger pointing revelator of injustice, and the harbinger of earthy paradise." - Wire

"A great voice – keening, tender, often inflamed." - Word

"The anguished 'I'll See You Again', the tune that clipped Cupid's wings for Will Oldham's girl. It's a ravishing piece…" - Word

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