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  1. Garden of Uranium / Descendants of Smith (CD)

    Garden of Uranium / Descendants of Smith (CD)

    Release 1988. Originally titled 'Descendants of Smith'. My personal favourite track on the album is 'Pinches of Salt'. I think that this is because of the poem and the atmosphere that I have given to the meaning. Learn More

  2. Beyond The Door (DVD/CD)

    Beyond The Door (DVD/CD)

    This DVD is composed of De barras 2004 live footage along with images and footage collected by Roy to illustrate and compliment the songs. Plus additional 10 track audio cd. Learn More

  3. Stormcock Remastered (Download)

  4. Counter Culture (2CD)

    Counter Culture (2CD)

    Released in 2005. 25 Classic Roy Harper Songs spanning 35 years of song writing. This double cd collection is intended as an introduction for anyone who's not sure where to start. Learn More

  5. The Death Of God (CD Single)

    The Death Of God (CD Single)

    Five separate stories rolled into one. The emigrant, the soldier, the bomber, the leader, and 'God!' Dark satire.. all of it. Learn More

  6. Valentine (CD)

    Valentine (CD)

    Released 1974. 'Valentine' is a collection of the smaller works that were written during the 'Stormcock' - 'Lifemask' era. It is a balanced record with contributions from Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Pete Sears and Max Middleton, with orchestral arrangements by David Bedford. Learn More

  7. Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion (CD)

    Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion (CD)

    Released 1974. If you like your Roy Harper live then 'Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion' is a very good record. The boys from EMI, headed by John Leckie, turned up to gigs on a regular basis for about a year. They bustled away in the background with techno talk. Sometimes they were in the foreground, muttering and tittering. Learn More

  8. The Unknown Soldier (CD)

    The Unknown Soldier (CD)

    Released 1980. The 'Unknown Soldier' marked the real end of my relationship with EMI records and, in many ways, regrettably, with the Abbey Road Studios. I got some brilliant help from both Kate Bush and Dave Gilmour, the rest of the circumstances were often unhelpful. Learn More

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  9. Born In Captivity/Work Of Heart (2CD)

    Born In Captivity/Work Of Heart (2CD)

    Original Release Dates 1982 / 1984. 'Born In Captivity' is essentially the demo recordings of songs that were later released with much more production on 'Work of Heart'. Learn More

  10. The BBC Tapes - 6 Vol Set

    The BBC Tapes - 6 Vol Set

    Packaging redesign by Harry Pearce at Pentagram

    Please follow the links below to purchace individual volumes as well as to find more information and track listings for each.

    The BBC Tapes - Vol. I
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. II
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. III
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. IV
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. V
    The BBC Tapes - Vol. VI

    *Please Note: Whilst every care has been taken in the reproduction of these recordings not all were taken from original BBC archive reels, therefore track quality varies. A Cedar de-noise system was used to cut down transmission noise during tape transferral on both the original and private source reels.

    Learn More

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