Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (LP)

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Limited Edition LP. Remastered 2017 and reissued on 180gm Vinyl. Packaged in deluxe, gatefold sleeve with new cover design and additional printed heavy inner sleeve including lyrics, comprehensive notes and images.

Released 1967

Produced by Shel Talmy

Remastered 2017 by Roy Harper and John Fitzgerald at Lettercolm Studio in Timoleague, West Cork, Ireland. 

Cover photo by Ashley Chaplin
Almay Stock Photo

Artwork Reproduced by Harry Pearce at Pentagram


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Track Listing Side A:

1. Freak Suite (3:03)
2. You Don't Need Money (2:27)
3. Ageing Raver (4:08)
4. In A Beautiful Rambling Mess (2:49)
5. All You Need Is (5:46)
6. What You Have (5:12)

Side B:

1. Circle (10:38)
2. Highgate Cemetary (2:19)
3. Come Out Fight Ghengis Smith (8:56)
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