Jugula (Download) Remastered

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Released 1985

Originally titled 'Jugula'. Remastered audio as per the vinyl reissue. 

Remastered 2019 by Roy Harper and John Fitzgerald at Lettercolm Studio in Timoleague, West Cork, Ireland. 

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Jugula was the fifth project that Jimmy Page and I had worked on, but the first record that we made together in its entirety. It was a very enjoyable experience. I went down to Jimmy's place a few times with an eight track Teac borrowed from Pete Townsend, and we worked on it there for a while.

Then he came up to Lytham, where I had helped to set up a studio with my old school friend Tony Beck, who sadly had a tragic accident and is no longer with us. Tony Franklin, later of The Firm, Nik Green, later of Whitesnake and Preston Heyman, later of Terence Trent D'Arby and Steve Broughton were the nucleus of the backing band. Nik Green also engineered the record.

We had a wonderful time. One possible reason would have been that I had just fallen in love for the fourth time in my life, and that it would be forever. Etc.

I think that the whole record is great with the exception of 'Advertisement', which is maybe on the wrong record. My taste varies from year to year as to which is my favorite track.

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Track Listing 01. Nineteen Forty-Eightish (9:43)
02. Bad Speech (1:15)
03. Hope (4:29)
04. Hangman (7:06)
05. Elizabeth (6:37)
06. Frozen Moment (3:16)
07. Twentieth Century Man (4:24)
08. Advertisement (8:19)
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