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Original Release 1971. Digitally remastered audio 2007.

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Digitally remastered audio 2007, the cd version is packaged in a 20 page case bound booklet with new pictures, prose and poetry. Design by Harry Pearce at Pentagram

I've had it in my mind to present a new edition of my 1971 record Stormcock to the world for some years now. It seemed a shame that one of my best loved albums was hanging around as an inferior package when compared to the prowess of its original 12 inch LP forebear. I've spent a long time thinking about it, and how I might go about returning it to being one of the brightest lights in my canon. The release of this new edition marks the fruition of those thoughts.

There are a few good reasons for this update and re-release. The first is that the cd packaging has never remotely been able to achieve what was possible with the original album art. Secondly, the transfer of what was a very dynamic record on vinyl to a cd with a 44.1 sample rate format just didn't seem to come across properly.

Another good reason is that there has been a lot of interest in this record in recent years. It has never lost it's place in the music pantheon, and as time goes on it seems to be gaining in stature. It's become wholly appropriate that it should have the kind of new presentation we have now given it. In digitally re-mastering it I have attempted to take off some of the distortional effects and digital noise brought over by the transfer from tape/vinyl to cd. Apart form that very little has happened to it. I now believe it to be an altogether better audio experience. (see blog entry for tech info).

Stormcock was born in 1969 as I began to stretch my wings. I'd been there a few times before, but this time I gave myself the space to go deep..and stay there. Hors D'Oeuvres is perhaps the lightweight in the collection, but after all, it's the starter...

The Same Old Rock records my opposition to continued dependence on the cheap opium of convenient mass religion. Humanity as hostage to superstition is a position which infuriates me. To allow superstition to control your life, as the world burns, is careless.

One Man Rock And Roll Band.. Welcome home oh Johnny Soldier, we treat you here just like they treat you there.. is a sad fact, and is an indictment of this kind of society. Are queues for tattoos with 'love' on one hand and 'hate' on the other a sign of old age?

Me And My Woman.. what IS our destiny? Does it matter? Is it bound up with 'our' planet? In my opinion, yes. We are now out on a cultural limb that's taking us steadily further away from the planet. The average human misses the reality of the planet entirely. 40 years ago, there were tens of thousands of people asking serious questions about the state of the environment. It's only a few miles thick. It can be changed very quickly. Surely, hindsight isn't our only view.... is it? Hopefully not.. but what is for sure is that our environment is all we have. At the time there were establishment figures who were certain humans were having no effect at all on the planet's environment. This of course will eventually be true!

Pete Jenner and I turned out a great record. Seems like a thousand years ago now. Though I very rarely listen to my own records I would definitely say that my personal highlight on the record is Jimmy Page's guitar solo on 'The Same Old Rock.' My opinion has not changed since the day he put it on there. Absolutely brilliant. The string arrangement on 'Me And My Woman' is by David Bedford.

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Track Listing 1. Hors d'Oeuvres (8:37)
2. The Same Old Rock (12:25)
3. One Man Rock And Roll Band (7:23)
4. Me And My Woman (13:02)
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