Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (Download) Remastered

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Released 1967
Produced by Shel Talmy
Re-mastered Audio from 2016 Vinyl Reissue
All re-mastering was done by Roy Harper and John Fitzgerald at Lettercolm Studio in Timoleague, West Cork, Ireland.

Cover photo by Ashley Chaplin
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In the past I have tended to berate this record because I have felt that it was made too quickly on a tight budget, but I have now got to like it from a distance. There was some rumour put around a little while ago that I wasn't very pleased with what Shel Talmy (the producer) had done with it. This is certainly not what I would have wanted Shel to believe.

At face value he did a good job with material that is not that easy, and I now look back on the sessions with a certain affection. Besides, making enemies out of friends should be left to the music media, where it belongs.

There are enough relevant statements on board for me to really love it in another twenty years.

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Track Listing 1. Freak Suite (3:03)
2. You Don't Need Money (2:27)
3. Ageing Raver (4:08)
4. In A Beautiful Rambling Mess (2:49)
5. All You Need Is (5:46)
6. What You Have (5:12)
7. Circle (10:38)
8. Highgate Cemetary (2:19)
9. Come Out Fight Ghengis Smith (8:56)
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