Sophisticated Beggar (CD) Remastered

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Updated CD booklet and remastered audio as per the vinyl reissue.

Released 1966

Remastered 2019 by Roy Harper and John Fitzgerald at Lettercolm Studio in Timoleague, West Cork, Ireland.

Original cover artwork by Lon Goddard

Artwork Reproduced by Harry Pearce at Pentagram


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My first record, 'Sophisticated Beggar', was nothing short of a wild journey into deepest space. I had only just booted a very troubled childhood into touch, when suddenly, DING!, I was making a record. To say that I was overjoyed with the progress at the time would be a colossal understatement.

I was invited to do so by a friend of a friend who had a primitive but well organized set up in an outhouse in the garden. I ran wild and Pierre Tubbs and I made a good record. There are many enjoyable tracks and in it's own little way 'Sophisticated Beggar' was a microcosm of much that was to follow.

I still hear many of the songs being called for during performances! Unfortunately however, they have been superseded by bolder efforts which I tend to favour more in a performance. Nevertheless, I'm still proud of my first record.

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Track Listing 01. China Girl (3:38)
02. Goldfish (2:50)
03. Sophisticated Beggar (5:09)
04. My Friend (4:08)
05. Big Fat Silver Aeroplane (3:42)
06. Blackpool (5:12)
07. Legend (3:50)
08. Girle (3:04)
09. October Twelfth (5:54)
10. Black Clouds (4:34)
11. Mr. Station Master (3:06)
12. Forever (3:31)
13. Committed (3:16)
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