The BBC Tapes Vol III (CD)

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Roy Harper BBC Sessions. John Peel - Top Gear 1974. Bob Harris Session 1974. John Peel Session 1974.

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*Please Note: Whilst every care has been taken in the reproduction of these recordings not all were taken from original BBC archive reels, therefore track quality varies. A Cedar de-noise system was used to cut down transmission noise during tape transferral on both the original and private source reels.

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Track Listing John Peel - Top Gear 1974

01. Commune (4:49)
02. Forever (3:13)
03. Highway Blues (7:23)
04. I'll See You Again (5:05)
05. North Country (3:33)
06. Too Many Movies (5:34)

Bob Harris Session 1974

07. Forever (2:56)
08. North Country (3:33)

John Peel Session 1974

09. Highway Blues (9:56)
10. Twelve Hours Of Sunset (5:32)
11. One Man Rock And Roll Band (8:29)
12. Too Many Movies (5:37)
13. Home (3:33)
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